David Templeton

About the Composer

Pianist, guitarist, David Templeton brings to the stage a passion of performance that is vibrant, rich and satisfying. The New Yorker calls him “One of the most accomplished and original new talents to hit the keyboards… thoroughly enjoyable.” David debuted at Carnegie Hall this past October where he performed compositions from his 6th and newest CD, "Under the Willow Tree" to an appreciative New York audience. You can enjoy some of these songs by clicking on the "Music" tab.

David started composing on piano at the age of three and went on to master other numerous instruments including cello, violin and guitar, which he weaves into a rich tapestry of orchestrations and multi-track compositions on his many recordings. The Northwest Area Music Association nominated his second album “Promise” for “Recording of the Year”.

Graduating from the University of Washington, David received a double major in Commercial Music Production and Speech Communication. He studied guitar performance under the direction of Bill Smith of the Dave Brubeck quartet, and recording methods with Glenn White, who engineered live concerts for The Beatles. Using his training as a sound engineer, David built a full recording studio in his Seattle home where he records on the world's finest hand made Austrian piano, the nine-foot concert grand Bosendorfer.

He continued his studies at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring School under the direction of Emmy-Award winning composer, Hummie Mann. David writes, performs, records, masters and produces all of his compositions without being able to read a single note of music. He is presently touring throughout the United States, giving concerts and sharing his talent and stories with long-time fans and making new friends along the way. Check out David's show schedule under the "Events" tab to see where you can meet David and hear some of his enjoyable music in person.